Tribute: Dante B. Fascell

staff portrait
Dante B. Fascell

Dante B. Fascell Elementary School was named in honor of Mr. Fascell’s outstanding accomplishments and dedication to our community. 

Dante B. Fascell was born in 1917 in Bridgehampton, Long Island, New York.  Throughout his lifetime, he had many accomplishments:

  • Representative from Florida
  • Member of the State house of Representatives, 1950-1954
  • Congress, 1955-1993
  • Presidential Medal of Freedom by President William Jefferson Clinton, 1998
  • He married the former Jeanne-Marie Pelot in 1941. They had three children: Sandra-Jeanne Diamond (Mrs. Frank), Toni Francesca Strother, and Dante Jon Fascell (deceased February, 1984).

Dante B. Fascell passed away on November 28, 1998. He has left a legacy of personal triumph, sacrifice, dedication, honesty, sincerity, and love to his family, friends, colleagues, community, and especially children.